Truth About Your Reality

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Reality according to your perception

Imagine standing on top of the Empire State Building in New York city. You and your friend are both looking down at the city through the big binoculars (never mind in reality if they have these up there, my visit was long ago). You are standing next to each other, both pointing your looking devices towards different directions.

Wow, there is so much green and forest in New York City!” says your friend, who is looking towards the Central Park.

No there isn’t, there’s only dusty streets and no trees at all!” you answer, pointing your binoculars elsewhere.

You could start an argument about who is right, and argue whether New York City has a lot of trees or none at all. But you don’t, since you realize that what you are seeing is in fact just a fraction of what New York City has to offer. You both know that the reality of the city would never, ever fit into your little zoom lens, no matter how hard you would twist and turn it.

Our truth and our version of the reality is much like the view we see through these binoculars. Except we tend to forget that we only see a fraction of the big picture, and the person standing next to us sees another fraction.

Yet we argue and discuss about the truth and reality continuously.


Events as we see them

Truth and reality are funny concepts. We are asked to face the realities of life on a daily basis, and only believe in what seems to be the truth. When we dream bigger than the ongoing social convention allows us, those around us ask us kindly to return back to the real life and go on with our lives in a more normal fashion.

In fact, the reality that we are so fond of is only a subjective experience based on what we give our attention to.

Human consciousness is only able to process a limited amount of information from the actual available information around us. Not only are we limited to the physical place were we are, but from the information available to us in our physical surroundings our brain is making choices to allow certain things to come to our conscious mind, while other information is simply ignored. Our brain chooses what it perceives as the most important and relevant information, and what is left over we call reality.

For us, events that are happening outside our awareness do not exist.


“The reflection our consciousness provides is what we call our life:
the sum of all we have heard, seen, felt, hoped and suffered from birth to death.
Although we believe that there are ‘things’ outside consciousness,
we have direct evidence only of those that find place in it.”
– FLOW, the psychology of optimal experience. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Why does this matter?

So we know that what we see is just part of the whole big picture, why is this relevant?

When we plan our lives, we tend to subconsciously choose what is available to us based on the reality that we, and those around us, experience. If all you have ever seen is people going from high school to college to corporate to marriage to kids to retirement, this becomes the reality of life. This ought to be your path as well, but hey, at least you get to choose the college and the partner. And when you want something different to this, it is labeled unrealistic. When you choose a different path for your life, you are kindly asked to return to the real life as soon as possible.

Or if all you have ever seen is running water, working electricity, bus stops and train schedules, central heating and clean streets, anything else becomes ‘unreal’ and not part of the real world.


Shape your life with your attention

Attention determines what enters our consciousness, and therefore what enters our subjective reality. So when you want to shape your reality and your experience in this life, attention is the most important tool you can use. You decide where you point your binoculars, you decide what your slice of reality will look like.

When you want to shape your reality, you will keep in mind that people will respond to you only from the limitations of their own perceived realities. None of which actually reflect the reality as it truly is, the vast canvas of possibilities that surrounds us at all times. If you are seeing something you don’t like, feel free to point the binoculars to another direction, and keep looking until you find something that pleases you. It’s your 50 cents on that machine, you don’t need to take directions from anyone else regarding where to look and what to allow into your consciousness.


“The shape and content of life depend on how attention has been used.
Entirely different realities will emerge depending on how it is invested.”
– FLOW, the psychology of optimal experience. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Makes you want to pay attention, doesn’t it?

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