The Art of Being in the Vortex

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I recently made an important discovery about my life and the world. After a week of negative emotions, stress and feeling overwhelmed, I finally had enough. After all, didn’t I know better? This was not the way forward, and I knew only I had the answers to these seemingly big issues of mine.

The answer was, in Hicks terms, I had fallen out of the Vortex.

We’ll get to the Vortex in a minute, but my main realization was this: What if, instead of following all kinds of activities which I hope / think / suspect would bring me joy and happiness, I’d skip the middle man and go directly for the joy and happiness! What if the only goal in my life was to live with joy and bathe in happiness?

There are so many people who seem to “have it all” from our perspective, but they are not necessarily the happiest people. Not that lack of stuff makes you happy, but abundance of stuff are certainly not a golden ticket either. We always seem to want more. Some have all the money in the world, a big house, nice jobs, fancy clothes and toys, the things that we associate with guaranteed happiness.

But truly, are they all happy? Not by default.

Choosing for happiness and joy

So what if I consistently go for the joy and happiness in my life? Then it would not matter what I did in my life, since I would already be happy! On one hand this is a scary thought. Oh but what if I end up poor and never mount to anything in life? Oh but what if I don’t achieve the things I want to achieve in life? Oh but what if I give up?

But in fact, all actions raising from the energy of joy and happiness will be attracting more and more happiness and joy into my life. I would thrive, I would automatically choose the correct things to do at the correct moments, I would do what I am good at, I would do what I enjoy doing, and I would be even better at it! There would be FLOW in my life and in my achievements, unlike if I tried to act outside of joy and happiness.

The trick of Law of Attraction is just this. You have to first BECOME that which you are wanting, because you will never get what you WANT. Wanting something is a feeling that comes from a place of not having, and not having will give you more of that – like attracts like, not having attracts more of still not having.

Vortex within you

What the heck is a Vortex?

Those of you who have been following the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks know what the Vortex is all about. It is a state of flow, being connected with the Universe, a place of happiness and joy where all things are just working for you. It’s an All-Around-Happy-Place. Synchronicities happen, you feel elevated and amazing, and there is a lack of anything that might bother you or weigh you down.

I used to get these moments briefly, and earlier in my life I could only describe them as being touched by angels / universe. As if this incredible force of love all of a sudden touched my heart, rendering me speechless and in tears. It did not last more than few seconds, but I got the idea. There was this immense understanding of everything, and not a worry in sight. If this was Vortex, why are we not making it our lives mission to be in it ALL THE TIME?

How do you get on?

Abraham (the entity that Esther Hicks channels) says that 99.99% of all the things we ask for are already delivered before they manifest in physical form. My previous article about Where’s your Ladybug demonstrates this quite nicely. So you just need to get into this magical Vortex and start witnessing the sychronicities. Sounds good, but how?!

A good place to start is by focusing on thoughts that make you feel a little bit better. By choosing to focus on thoughts that feel like a little bit of relief. If you are feeling hopeless, anger is already bringing relief. If you are feeling like you WILL NEVER SUCCEED, thoughts like “I think I will never succeed” or “I sometimes seem to think that I will never succeed” will bring relief. And then you can build on that. Raising your thoughts, raising your vibrations, forgetting why you feel the way you feel and accepting that this is where you are now. Never mind how it happened, now the only thing that matters is how to to move forward.

Steps to try today

  • When you wake up, before you let the world and its problems wash over you (so before you open facebook/ news / email) decide your focus for the day. “Today I focus on happiness and joy” or “Today I will be kind to myself and show love.” Take just few minutes to actively think about what you want to focus on today. And try to remind yourself of those intentions throughout the day.
  • Choose your thoughts wisely. We are very conscious of what we eat, but allow all kinds of unhealthy thoughts affect us. Just as you look for food that makes you feel good, look for thoughts that make you feel good. Ester Hicks says it nicely: “You don’t go to a buffet and say ‘I had that fish yesterday and it made me feel SO BAD. I think I will take it again today.'” If you are feeling bad, examine the thoughts that were just running around in your head. Then gently, and actively, think about something that makes you feel a little bit better. Even something like “Ah, there goes my brain again, trying to make me feel I’m useless. In my heart I know this is not true, although sometimes it’s difficult to remember.”
  • Listen to your feelings, they will tell you where to go. Good feeling, good vibe? Great, you’d doing well! Bad feeling, bad vibes? You are going to a direction that is not who you really are.

Imagine, for a moment, if we would all just spend a little bit more time hanging out in the Vortex instead of trying to acquire all kinds of things that we THINK we need to have in order to become what we really are to begin with – joyous and happy.

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