Don’t get off the train! – How to use the law of attraction

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The Law of attraction is a simple force to play with, but somehow we stumble in this very simplicity.

The main principles of Law of attraction became very evident to me again the other day. I will never grow tired of learning and discovering these truths. I will never grow tired of this game. When you play with this force of nature, you will soon discover two truths: first, it will deliver you exactly what you ordered, so be careful how you formulate your words. Secondly, you will have to let go, and enjoy the journey while you trust fully that your order is taken seriously.

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Always ask for what you want – not what you think you need

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If I would look at my life purely from the outside, I would assume a person like this is incredibly wealthy.

I’m living on a small tropical island, close enough to the ocean to hear the waves when I lay in bed. My surroundings are gorgeous, the garden is maintained daily and our room is cleaned.  On my day off the breakfast comes to my doorstep, usually fresh mango juice and freshly brewed coffee with fruits. I have plenty of time during the day to do what I want, I can lay in the sun or write my little stories.

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The Art of Being in the Vortex

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I recently made an important discovery about my life and the world. After a week of negative emotions, stress and feeling overwhelmed, I finally had enough. After all, didn’t I know better? This was not the way forward, and I knew only I had the answers to these seemingly big issues of mine.

The answer was, in Hicks terms, I had fallen out of the Vortex.

We’ll get to the Vortex in a minute, but my main realization was this: What if, instead of following all kinds of activities which I hope / think / suspect would bring me joy and happiness, I’d skip the middle man and go directly for the joy and happiness! What if the only goal in my life was to live with joy and bathe in happiness?

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