How to play with Law of Attraction

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How to play with Law of attraction

I am one of those people who believe life to be a magical ride on a unicorn. A ride where you, and nobody else, decide what will happen to you, what will be attracted into your life and what you can expect to experience.

How do you think I ended up here on a tropical beach? I imagined myself on a beach, I visualized myself on a beach, and eventually, life took me there. In fact, I have received all of the things that I have set out to attract using the Law of Attraction.

Not to say that I’m 100% radiating pure positive thoughts all the time (and levitating in the process), or that I don’t have areas in my life that I cannot seem to turn around… But I have so much experience in this that I am a BIG believer in the magic of the Universe.

You have to believe it before you can see it!

In fact, and I hope you do realize this, this is not just fairy-tails we tell ourselves on the days when we feel blue. It’s science!

Like attracts like, and everything around us is energy. Energy vibrates on different frequencies, and you attract to you that which you are mostly vibrating. So let’s say you are thinking (vibrating) thoughts about lack of love in your life. You are thinking

“I want to have love, why don’t I have love in my life, I deserve love, where is it?!”

You are not attracting love by wanting it like this. The vibrational frequency of these thoughts is lack of love. And what will you get when you keep on thinking like this? More lack of love. Thoughts are so important in this, as your dominant frequency is determined by your dominant thoughts and beliefs you have.

Uhups! Better control those bad boys better, huh!

The tricky part about Law of Attraction is that you first must become that which you desire, before you can receive it. To receive love, you must feel like you have it already. To attract money, you must feel like a wealthy person. You cannot worry about being poor and attract money into your life.
“To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Telsa

There are fun ways to start testing and playing with the Law of Attraction. My favorite people (authors) in this field are Pam Grout, Greg Kuhn (Greg is more of a Quantum Physics guy) and of course the mother of them all, Ester (and Jerry) Hicks. They always lift me up and give me new hope when I have temporarily lost it.

So here’s some fun ways to test all this (inspired by Pam Grout):

1. Demand a sign from the universe
I use this one a lot. This is a great fun way to check how connected we really are. So decide you want a sign, a BIG SIGN from the Universe that it’s there and has your back. You can set a deadline, like 24 or 48 hours, and demand the sign to be big enough so it cannot be written off as coincidence. Then excitedly like a child before Christmas, start waiting for your sign.

You can also demand a sign for something that you are about to do. Or simply ask something to be delivered (please Universe, send me a person who knows about the topic X).

2. Expect to see something specific
Decide you want to see something specific, like a purple butterfly or a red boat. And then we wait for the Universe to bring you these things, most likely in a funny, unexpected way. Currently I am on the look-out for lady-bugs, which ought to be challenging because there are no lady-bugs here. But that will not stop the Universe, I know that much.

The point of this exercise is to realize that we see what we expect to see, and we get what we’re expecting to receive.

3. Post-it around you!
I have spoken about post-it notes before, because they are one of the ways I use the Universe to help me. If you want love, write a note saying “I am loved everyday and I feel it” or “My soulmate is coming and I’m so happy about it, I feel his/her love already!” As if you have it already, as if you feel it already. And then be grateful that you have it. Place the post-it somewhere where you can casually see it every day, and just few moments a day, for example when brushing your teeth, bask in the feeling of love you are about to receive. Smiling yet?

Finally, when ever you are feeling small, remember this: We are talking about the Universe that creates planets!! So surely it can whip up whatever little ol’ us are wanting to have in our lives…

Happy hunting!

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