Kick-Start to Courage

Kick Start to Courage // e-course

No more confusion - Get clear about what you are supposed to do with your life and see how that translates into a new future!

How many times have you caught yourself wishing you could be somewhere else? Doing something else or being with someone else? How many times have you wished that someone would just knock you over the head with an all-knowing magic stick and the purpose of your life would become crystal clear to you.

I know the feeling! And I know how frustrating it can be.

Trying to be pleased with what you are doing at the moment, but secretly knowing that there is something else waiting for you out there. Trying to convince yourself life is good enough as it is (which is most likely true!), but that does not mean you need to feel guilty about wanting to grow and expand.

Or maybe you know exactly what you are supposed to do with your life, but you are still gathering courage to execute your plans. This can take forever, because the circumstances will never be optimal. There will always be 'one more' thing to do, one more year to prepare before you launch off into the great big universe.

You know what they say about some days? It's a few fancy words for never.

You are not the things you have on your bucket list. You are the things that you DO, the daily things, the actions that you take. But it's hard to move forward with courage if you don't know in which direction to go.

Change that today!

This 6-days program is a perfect start to getting clear on a new direction in life! You will discover where your passion is, what your higher purpose is, how close (or far) you are living to your values in life, and you will learn how all this could translate into a new future!

Day 1 – Assessment of your life situation

Which parts of life are easy for you, and which need more attention? Get clarity into your strong and not-so-strong areas of life, and what to do about them!

Day 2 – The stories we tell ourselves

It's never too late to make changes in your life. On Day 2 we focus on the stories we tell ourselves, and on the limiting beliefs we tell ourselves. You will learn how to change your beliefs one step at a time.

Day 3 – Meeting the real you

Underneath it all you have all the answers. You do not need to look externally for anything, you just need to learn to stop, peel the layers off and see inside. On Day 3 you will learn to do just this with a insightful guided meditation.

Day 4 – Your values

How often have you thought about your values in life? On Day 4 you will be challenged to find values that are representing your life at the moment, and to review whether these values are showing in your daily life.

Day 5 – What is the point of this all?

We will get very META on Day 5. We each have a deeper purpose and a meaning in our lives, and if our actions are misaligned with our grand purpose, we feel fragmented, confused and frustrated. We feel like we don't fit, although we may not know why.

Day 6 – Action plan

What gets scheduled, gets done. Day 6 pulls it all together and gives you tools to go forward. You will make yourself accountable, and get moving with your new-found courage!

What will you get?

This program gives you over 10 hours of coaching material in the form of inspirational reading, guided meditation (MP3), and written assignments, of which some are accompanied by audio files (MP3).

The files will be delivered to you one day at a time, and once you get them, they are yours to keep!

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