Get Coached – Inspirational e-courses

Design a lifestyle you love!

We are not just about inspirational articles, but something more concrete that you can use for finding a new designing a lifestyle you truly love.

I know how frustrating it can be when you feel stuck in a job you don't really want to do. Or in a marriage that's not really working for you anymore. Whether your circumstances have changed and you don't feel a fit anymore, or you are just ready to admit to yourself that what you truly want is something completely different.

If you are anything like me, you have been daydreaming about starting something new, or re-designing yourself into something new. Whether or not you know exactly what that something would be, it does not matter. 

The following courses are designed to give you direction, ideas, ways to reconnect with yourself and some well-deserved ease of mind. With each course you can download the material, and do the courses on your own sweet time!

Kick-Start to Courage!

Are you looking for some additional courage into your decision making? Need to decide something major in life, but feel a bit paralyzed by fear? This 6 days program is for you if you, if:

  • you want courage to execute a big lifestyle change
  • you need additional support in finding out what you'd like to be doing
  • you want to have more direction and courage in 6 days from now!