How fast is fast enough?

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When changing the course of our lives, what is the appropriate tempo? When do we consider ourselves successful, and when is it considered a failure if we return to do the same things we did before? Is a few months considered a failure, is two years safe from self ridicule when turning around and coming back?

When are we successful with change?

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow life-changer, someone who left her corporate job to do something different, only to realize that maybe some changes in life need a bit more time. We often see others making decisions about their lives, making changes that seem sudden and rash even, making big changes with very little preparation time. read more

How to prioritize when it gets too busy (+ worksheet)

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You may recognize the feeling when your candle is being burnt from both ends. Figuratively speaking, that is. When you are running like mad to catch up, sacrificing on sleep and fun things in life just to be able to match the demands of life. You know you cannot keep it up for a long time, but there seems to be no other way than to keep on running.

Something has to change, and usually it’s the body that starts giving the first signals of too much stress. You get short tempered, you don’t sleep so well, you cannot focus and you don’t find life so fun anymore. read more

5 Signs You Are too Stressed at Work

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Have you ever thought what stress really does to your body on a long term? Sure it’s beneficial to bring the project to an end or to help you deliver a good presentation, but if you feel under pressure on a regular basis, you are not doing your body any favors.

Why is busier better?
We tend to believe that the busier we are, somehow the more important we seem. The more projects we have going on the better, and the less free time and sleep we have, the cooler and more successful we are.

This can easily become too much. If you are suffering from the signs below, take a step back and think whether your health is really worth risking it all. Because the more the signs are true for you, the closer you are getting to your breaking point. And it’s NOT a place I recommend you to visit. read more