The thing I forgot about Happy Endings

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We all have dreams, we cherish them and we chase them, and then eventually we reach them (some of them, at least). When you are on your way to your dreams, it often seems like you’re running towards a standing, static goal. As if you can almost see how many laps you have to run still, you can almost hear the cheers and see the finish line.

Once you cross, you can stop running. Right? I mean, that’s it and we’re done, dream – CHECK and life can settle into happily ever after between you and your dream. The longer you have been running, the more you are expecting this happy ending to swoop you off your tired feet. read more

How fast is fast enough?

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When changing the course of our lives, what is the appropriate tempo? When do we consider ourselves successful, and when is it considered a failure if we return to do the same things we did before? Is a few months considered a failure, is two years safe from self ridicule when turning around and coming back?

When are we successful with change?

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow life-changer, someone who left her corporate job to do something different, only to realize that maybe some changes in life need a bit more time. We often see others making decisions about their lives, making changes that seem sudden and rash even, making big changes with very little preparation time. read more

Not all grounds are equally fertile – How to find your place in the world

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Happiness is an inside job. We are responsible for our feelings, we are responsible for the way we interpret the events in our environment, how we choose to see ourselves, how we turn the perceived reality into a story in our minds.

But this way of thinking can sometimes be more harmful than constructive.

Whereas it is true, that we create our own reality and can influence the experiences we have, there are still some grounds that are more fertile for us than others.

Not all soil has the same effect on you read more

Oh, but I cannot do that! – How your beliefs shape your life

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Think for a moment about something that you cannot do. Something you have convinced yourself is beyond your capabilities and talents. Something just available to others.

For me one of those things was inversions, so head-down poses in yoga. But we each have many, some legitimately rooted in physical differences, but far too many rooted in beliefs about ourselves.

What do you tell yourself about you?

From early on in life we have learned to accept that there are things we can, and things we cannot do. We believe we are bad at math and good at languages. We believe some things are possible in life only for others. read more

Don’t get off the train! – How to use the law of attraction

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The Law of attraction is a simple force to play with, but somehow we stumble in this very simplicity.

The main principles of Law of attraction became very evident to me again the other day. I will never grow tired of learning and discovering these truths. I will never grow tired of this game. When you play with this force of nature, you will soon discover two truths: first, it will deliver you exactly what you ordered, so be careful how you formulate your words. Secondly, you will have to let go, and enjoy the journey while you trust fully that your order is taken seriously. read more

Always ask for what you want – not what you think you need

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If I would look at my life purely from the outside, I would assume a person like this is incredibly wealthy.

I’m living on a small tropical island, close enough to the ocean to hear the waves when I lay in bed. My surroundings are gorgeous, the garden is maintained daily and our room is cleaned.  On my day off the breakfast comes to my doorstep, usually fresh mango juice and freshly brewed coffee with fruits. I have plenty of time during the day to do what I want, I can lay in the sun or write my little stories. read more

Truth About Your Reality

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Imagine standing on top of the Empire State Building in New York city. You and your friend are both looking down at the city through the big binoculars (never mind in reality if they have these up there, my visit was long ago). You are standing next to each other, both pointing your looking devices towards different directions.

Wow, there is so much green and forest in New York City!” says your friend, who is looking towards the Central Park.

No there isn’t, there’s only dusty streets and no trees at all!” you answer, pointing your binoculars elsewhere. read more

How to play with Law of Attraction

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I am one of those people who believe life to be a magical ride on a unicorn. A ride where you, and nobody else, decide what will happen to you, what will be attracted into your life and what you can expect to experience.

How do you think I ended up here on a tropical beach? I imagined myself on a beach, I visualized myself on a beach, and eventually, life took me there. In fact, I have received all of the things that I have set out to attract using the Law of Attraction.

Not to say that I’m 100% radiating pure positive thoughts all the time (and levitating in the process), or that I don’t have areas in my life that I cannot seem to turn around… But I have so much experience in this that I am a BIG believer in the magic of the Universe. read more