Always ask for what you want – not what you think you need

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If I would look at my life purely from the outside, I would assume a person like this is incredibly wealthy.

I’m living on a small tropical island, close enough to the ocean to hear the waves when I lay in bed. My surroundings are gorgeous, the garden is maintained daily and our room is cleaned.  On my day off the breakfast comes to my doorstep, usually fresh mango juice and freshly brewed coffee with fruits. I have plenty of time during the day to do what I want, I can lay in the sun or write my little stories.

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Give yourself some space

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Every now and then Facebook reminds me of the events that happened in the past. This great function lets me know what I did exactly 2 years ago or 5 years ago. Every time I look at these photos, I cannot believe how it’s only few years ago, after all it seems like a lifetime ago.

What a great way to remind yourself how far you have come, what has changed and how in just few years from now things can look completely different again.

The concept of space

This morning, January 1st 2016, I lay in bed, drinking coffee and eating cookies. The sun was shining, the green light curtains were moving with the morning breeze, and I got to thinking about what I most wanted to give myself in 2016. The concept of space came to mind.

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Truth About Your Reality

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Imagine standing on top of the Empire State Building in New York city. You and your friend are both looking down at the city through the big binoculars (never mind in reality if they have these up there, my visit was long ago). You are standing next to each other, both pointing your looking devices towards different directions.

Wow, there is so much green and forest in New York City!” says your friend, who is looking towards the Central Park.

No there isn’t, there’s only dusty streets and no trees at all!” you answer, pointing your binoculars elsewhere.

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Stop being selfish (and please me instead!)

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Has someone ever told you that you are being selfish? Or has someone ever made you feel like your actions were selfish? The odds are you have heard this from people close to you, and although your initial feelings were quite the opposite (you were feeling pretty good), at some point it may all become very confusing.

Is it being selfish, if you take care of yourself instead of others (for a change)? Is it being selfish, when you follow a path you feel is right for you? When you choose your own happiness instead of that of another, are you just a terrible person?

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5 thoughts you should stop telling yourself

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Beliefs are thoughts that have been with us for so long that we started to believe they are true. They can be beneficial to us (“I always learn new things fast” or “Good things are coming my way“), or they can be harmful for our development (“I always fail” or “I’m always so unlucky in life“).

When we want to change our lives around and start something new, there are plenty of these critical voices around and within. Some of them may be our own, some are thoughts adopted from the society we live in, some may come as a “friendly advice” from parents and friends, and some are just things we believe because we think that is the way reality is.

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When We Surrender to the Moment

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For the most days we have the pleasure of guiding various Wellbeing Retreats here in Camiguin, Philippines. This means starting and ending the days with yoga, and having insightful meditation and Life Coaching in between.

Like always, every retreat teaches us something, every student makes us realize something new.

Usually the one, most important lesson that keeps coming back is about letting go. Of plans, of goals, of future as we hope it would unfold. I saw what happens, when we are fully in the moment, trusting that the next breath, or the breath after that, will bring us the clue to the next move or to the next thing to say.

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The Art of Being in the Vortex

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I recently made an important discovery about my life and the world. After a week of negative emotions, stress and feeling overwhelmed, I finally had enough. After all, didn’t I know better? This was not the way forward, and I knew only I had the answers to these seemingly big issues of mine.

The answer was, in Hicks terms, I had fallen out of the Vortex.

We’ll get to the Vortex in a minute, but my main realization was this: What if, instead of following all kinds of activities which I hope / think / suspect would bring me joy and happiness, I’d skip the middle man and go directly for the joy and happiness! What if the only goal in my life was to live with joy and bathe in happiness?

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How Telling the Truth Will Set You Free

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Have you ever experienced the burden of living a lie. Whether a small or a big one, the burden of having a part of your life not really how you feel it should be. You secretly want something else, but don’t dare to go for it. You don’t dare to let the truth out. These secrets take energy and they wear you out. All that pretending and trying. And yet we keep them in because we are afraid of what might happen when we let it all out.

I used to live a lie, but mostly I was lying to myself. Convincing everything was OK so I would not have to go through something I perceived horrible. Like a divorce. Like changing a career direction after the age of 30. I used to pretend to love things I didn’t, just because I thought that would be somehow easier. But it wasn’t, by far. When the truth finally came out, it was the best thing there ever was. Shiny and new, my savior.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Chakras

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If you ever feel unstable in life, it may be that one of the chakras in your body is not completely in balance. Chakras, or energy wheels, are centers of energy within the subtle body, overlaying the physical body. It is through these chakras that energy flows within our body, and to feel healthy and fit, it is good to spend some time to review how in balance each of your chakras is.

But what are Chakras exactly?

The chakras were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts, and later on in the Yoga Upanishads and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. They are centers of energy, each represented by a different color, sound and function. They vitalize the physical body, and draw in universal life force energy to keep the body in balance physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

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5 Signs You Are too Stressed at Work

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Have you ever thought what stress really does to your body on a long term? Sure it’s beneficial to bring the project to an end or to help you deliver a good presentation, but if you feel under pressure on a regular basis, you are not doing your body any favors.

Why is busier better?
We tend to believe that the busier we are, somehow the more important we seem. The more projects we have going on the better, and the less free time and sleep we have, the cooler and more successful we are.

This can easily become too much. If you are suffering from the signs below, take a step back and think whether your health is really worth risking it all. Because the more the signs are true for you, the closer you are getting to your breaking point. And it’s NOT a place I recommend you to visit.

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