If you have ever asked yourself these questions…

• What should I do with my professional life?
• Should I change my career direction, or is this just some quarter life crisis?
• Should I follow my heart, and start a cafe / tropical resort / animal rescue business / (enter "crazy dream" here)?
• There must be something else to life than 9-5 work, but how do I get out?!
• I wonder what my passion would be, and how I could make it into a decent living?

... you have come to the right place!

What we do here

Reconnect Inspire is about realizing life outside of the box! It's about quitting boring careers and helping you to get closer to your ultimate dreams in life. It's about loving Mondays and getting you to feel comfortable to finally start something new and exciting! It's about inspiring you to follow your heart, to be your best version and to lead the life of your dreams!

How do we do that? By reconnecting you with YOU. You have all the answers inside of you already, we just need to peel off the layers to get to your truth. For this we use different methods, such as coaching, visualization, meditation and Neuro Linguistic programming to help you get further.

Our inspirational articles will help you on your way, and all of our programs are a healthy mix of different methods, available to you as soon as you want to start.

My goal is to make you realize that your crazy dreams are not crazy, that your wings are bigger and stronger than you realize, and that you can initiate a change faster and easier than you think!

Photo: Niki Stribian

Who am I to guide you?

Some years ago I was busy with a corporate career. I wanted to get higher, to move faster and be better. After taking my first 'real' job in a large European bank's head office, I knew something was not right. But how could it not be right? I finally had the life I had been aiming for; fancy MBA study, nice international career going on in Financial Services, dark suits, crisp white blouses, big BMW, husband at home and holidays in the Caribbean. Wasn't that the dream? Wasn't that the key to happiness?

But somewhere along the way I had gotten so lost. Turns out it was all wrong, the whole package. I was 27 and it was painful.

It took me seven years, a divorce and two burn-outs before I finally gave up. Or more accurately, I gave in to my heart. For the first time I truly listened to what it was whispering to me. And I just went with it. I left on a journey to the end of the world, and did not return the same.

Now I spend my days on a tropical island writing, coaching, doing yoga and encouraging people to take the leap, to have the faith. If I can go from a cubical life to tropical treats in just few years, you can make your career switch also, no matter what it is!

Everything I do revolves around one guiding principle: follow your heart. This is sometimes easier said than done, but I passionately believe that you'll be doing everyone a huge favor by letting go of resistance of your true path in life, and starting to follow that little voice inside you that always know best.

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