What we are passionate about

Getting un-stuck

Are you stuck in something you don’t want to be in? A job, a relationship, a house, a feeling? Does your life feel like it’s not really yours, like it should be different, like it should somehow fit better? Well my friend, let’s get you un-stuck! Let’s get you to a place where you are all about JOY, the natural state of us human beings. No matter what it is now, there is a way out.

Creating Your Reality

Universe has a magnificent force of light and love. Have you ever played with Law of Attraction? If not, you should try this and see for yourself the power it has. Spirituality here is about finding your way back to your original state of pure joy. It’s about reconnecting with the eternal, the source, the spirit, whatever you like to call it. And then, just enjoying the miracles unfolding!

Designing a lifestyle that fits

Freedom is the lightness to follow your path in life, to follow your heart and soul. We are all about freedom to choose how we live this life, each according to our own preferences. Freedom is also a beautiful realization that you can put all your favorite things together and do that for a living! This is Lifestyle Design, the power to shape your life into something that truly inspires you.

This place is for you, if…

  • you feel stuck in some areas of your life
  • you want to quit your day job and start something more meaningful for you
  • you want to follow your heart, but don't know if it's worth it
  • you feel that there must be something else to life than 9-5 work
  • you want to redesign your life to match your passion

Be Well, Be Happy

Are you living your best life, the life of your dreams? Or is there something still holding you back? What does it mean to follow your heart, to accept your shadows in life and to find courage no matter what?

Click for resources on finding your passion in life, living well, developing yourself and get the inspiration to design a life you love!

Inspiration this week

Aha -moments
Books read while drinking coffee
Minutes in the Vortex
Hours spent writing

Create Your Dream Life

Our thoughts create our reality, so look around you? Are you living a life you love? If not, time to step it up and do something about it! The Universe will reward you, you'll see!

Law of Attraction is one of the most concrete and fun ways to experience the magical force of the Universe. How connected do you feel the the Universe? Do you feel a deeper purpose in your life, or are you still searching for this connection in your life? Wherever you are in life at the moment, come and play with us!

Heal Yourself

Only you can truly allow healing to take place within you. Yoga and meditation are good tools helping us to reconnect with ourselves and the Universe around us. When you focus on this inner practice, the outer aspects of your life will click into place as well.

Click here for inspirational articles about meditation, yoga and other methods that support you in your journey to designing a life you love!

Design Your Career

Loving what you do, and doing what you love is the ultimate kind of freedom. It is a feeling lightness in life as we follow the path we are meant to be on. Finding this path is not always so simple, and most of us are on this journey throughout our lives.

Click here for inspirational articles designed to help you find your freedom, whatever it may look like. For some it may be an inner feeling of confidence, while for others it may be a concrete feeling of freedom through traveling. What ever it is for you, come and explore with us!